Sustainable, Technological, Accessible and Resilient human-centric manufacturing supporting the NewRead More »
Better support activities preventing road accidents caused by alcohol andRead More »
Circular models for Italian fashion heritage and manufactures through digitalRead More »
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Designing an immersive music experience through multisensory wearables TheRead More »
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“Building Active User Experiences to Bring Culture to the People”Read More »
Customised facemask for the orthopedic correction of class III malocclusionsRead More »
Quietude is an ecology of jewellery products and accessories thatRead More »
Touching virtual objects in mid-air. The project experiments withRead More »
Inclusive handwave loom REC/reate is a technologically avant-garde projectRead More »
Educational game to engage primary school children in learning historyRead More »
Scale model of the Zilil archeological site Starting from photogrammetry of theRead More »
Photogrammetry, 3D modelling and printing of a marble sculpture representingRead More »
3D modeling, 3D printing and laser cutting technology to improveRead More »
Creating a network of schools, museums and training organizations forRead More »
Accessible shopping in the historic center of the city ofRead More »
Counteracting stress, anxiety and panic attack in people with SensoryRead More »
Co-design for and with active aging citizens FUSION (Fashion Up-SkillingRead More »

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