Mid-air haptic interaction

Touching virtual objects in mid-air.

The project experiments with the Ultraleap technology that provides haptic sensations in mid-air using ultrasounds.
The objective is to investigate the potential of haptic technology for multisensory interaction in augmented and virtual reality applications.

An experiment analyses the accuracy for recognizing and discriminating the haptic sensations, and identifies parameters for designing easy to perceive an recognise stimuli. 


2020 – 2021


University of Siena: Department of Social, Political and Cognitive Science – Santa Chiara Fab Lab


Patrizia Marti, Oronzo Parlangeli, Stefano Guidi, Annamaria Recupero, Matteo Sirizzotti, Simone Guercio

interazioni tattili--05
interazioni tattili--04
interazioni tattili--03
interazioni tattili--02

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