Sustainable, digital and human-centred

Born in 2016, the Fab Lab has been characterized as an innovation space in the fields of inclusion, accessibility, health, food, cultural heritage and sustainability.

We collaborate with public and private institutions and companies, sharing knowledge, technologies and machinery to develop innovative projects, and facilitate access to digital technologies.



We do research and training, and develop solutions that can reach a high level of maturity up to the patent.

We combine creativity with ethics and responsibility to develop human-centred technologies and sustainable solutions.

Practical design courses and workshops to develop solutions from concept to rapid prototyping.


What can you find at the Fab Lab?

FabLabs equipment

Laser Cutter: 

Trotec speedy 400 flex

3D printers: 

Ultimaker 2, Ultimaker 3, Formlabs 3, Ender-3 S1, Anycubic Photon M3 plus


Cutting plotter:

Roland GS20


CNC milling machine:

 Roland SRM20


CNC machine:

Shopbot PRSalpha

Optical and digital scanners


Ultrahaptics, ultrasound technology for freehand haptic interaction



Sewing machines


Welding benches and electronic developement



What is a Fab Lab?

It is a space open to innovation, learning, design and small-scale prototyping.

The first fab lab was founded in 2004 at MIT in Boston (USA), Center for Bits and Atoms. Today thousands of Fab Labs exist all over the world.

Our FabLab is not a simple prototyping laboratory

Our vision is based on the awareness that a cohesive and resilient society offers accessible avant-garde technologies, knowledge and co-creation and co-design spaces.
Via Val di Montone 1, 53100 Siena

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