We value human-centredness, inclusion and sustainability.

Key areas: health, cultural heritage, accessibility, food.

Research and innovation

Research projects on national and international calls and private funding, collaborating with institutions, companies, associations and professionals.


Training and technological transfer

Long (Fab Academy) and short courses on digital fabrication also personalised for specific needs.

Small scale rapid prototyping

Bio-compatible and compostable resins, polymers and co-polymers, organic materials like wood and by-products, fabric, cardboard, polystyrene, eco-leather, wax.

Courses and workshops on digital fabrication and rapid prototyping using the lab machinery and equipment.

We are a multidisciplinary team with different backgrounds. Design, engineering, psychology , computer science, communication, the mix of our competences allows us to develop high quality interdisciplinary innovation projects, from ideation to prototyping. 

Fab Academy is a fast paced, hands-on learning experience.
Students learn method and techniques for rapid-prototyping by designing and executing weekly projects for 6 months, in an international network under the supervision of local and international experts.

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