We promote the acquisition of digital skills using innovative technologies and rapid prototyping tools .

All of our courses are built to ensure accessibility.
Some of our courses are specifically oriented to a target of people with disabilities.

Web Design


2D and 3D modelling

3D printing

Laser and Vynil cutting

Electronic programming with Arduino

Workshop “From idea to product”


The World Academy of Digital Manufacturing, a training program launched and directed by Prof. Neil Gershenfeld. The course takes place simultaneously all over the world with other Fab Labs, through a digital platform.It focuses on the acquisition of digital skills such as the basics of 3D printing and 3D modeling, electronics and programming, the use of machines CNC and various manufacturing methods with a wide variety of materials, from plastic to wood,  from eco-leather to resin and fabrics.

It also includes project management, intellectual property management and digital communication modules. The course is delivered in English, face to face and online, under the supervision of the instructors of the Santa Chiara Fab Lab.

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