Itinerarium is an educational game designed to engage children of primary school in learning history through interactive play. It is inspired to the classical Game of Snakes and Ladders. It tells the story of Emperor Carinus and his wife Magnia Urbica as they travel from Germany to Rome, where Carinus is to be crowned Emperor. The game board is a reproduction of part of the Tabula Peutingeriana (Weber 1976), a medieval copy of an ancient Roman road map (abount 300 A.D.).
The board was created using laser engraving and cutting techniques, and contains a rapresentation of the map and 30 squares rapresenting towns of the day with an imaginary road linking them in order. An interactive lamp controlling time in the game developed from an accurate reproduction of the ancient Roman oil lamp is used to determine the duration of the game.

Partners: Santa Chiara Fab Lab, Department of Historical Science and Cultural Heritage, Department of Social, Political and Cognitive Science, University of Siena, Associazione M(u)ovimenti, Servizi e progetti per i Beni Culturali.

Contacts: Enrico Zanini,