Class III maloclusions are characterized by the retraction of the upper jaw, by mandibular protusion or a combination of both conditions. The most recommended devices for early orthopedic orthodontic treatment of Class III malocclusion are the rapid palatal expanser and the facial mask for superior jaw protusions, applied in combination. For the success of therapy, it is recommended that the children wears the face mask for at least 14 hours a day for 9-12 months. However, the size of the mask as well as the onset of irritation of the skin in contact with the supports can make the device poorly tolerated and thereby can compromise the success of the therapy. The aim of the project is to develop a mask prototype adapted to the child’s anatomy, experimenting with new designs and innovative materials.

SuperPowerMe on Vimeo.

SuperPowerMe is an augmented facemask for the orthopaedic correction of maxillofacial disorders in children. Differently from commercial facemasks, SuperPowerMe is composed of 3D-printable biocompatible materials which make the device comfortable and customisable. The facemask embeds temperature and pressure sensors to monitor wear time and effectiveness of the therapy. SuperPowerMe adopts a gamification approach: by wearing the facemask, the child becomes a superhero who gains power by fighting against monsters and characters displayed on a smartphone application. It is a patent pending project.

Partners: Santa Chiara Fab Lab and Department of Medical Biotechnologies, Policlinico Le Scotte, University of Siena.

Contacts: Cecilia Goracci,