REC/reate is a community engagement project through contemporary art. Disabled people are the protagonists of artistic creations, craftsmanship and design activities. Besides favoring an empowerment process, the project will favor the acquisition, through the participation in artistic activities, of new individual technical skills.
REC/reate is a technologically avant-garde project: it combines digital fabrication (in its most eco-friendly form) and traditional practices, putting technology and design at the service of creativity. For example, digital fabrication is used to create environmentally friendly textile weaving looms tailored to people with disabilities.
The project is co-funded by Regione Toscana.

Partners: Siena Art Institute, Santa Chiara Fab Lab, Visionaria, Associazione Riabilita, Associazione TVSpenta, Fondazione Musei Senesi, Assocanapa, National Academy of the Arts Lahore, School of Fine Arts, Athens, University of Thessaloniki, Craft Council of Ireland.