Fab Lab (“Fabrication Laboratory” or “Fabulous Laboratory”) denotes a movement born at the Center for Bits and Atoms, MIT (USA), promoted by Prof. Neil Gershenfeld who dreamed of a major technological revolution: bringing together a large number of people, not necessarily technology experts, in the creative process of designing and building artefacts by combining physical (atoms) and digital components (bits). The project has now become reality, with a global network linking hundreds of laboratories around the world (fabfoundation.org).
Our “Fabulous Lab” makes of multidisciplinary innovation one of its strengths: it is an open space for all, italian and foreign students and faculty members, researchers, craftsmen, (future) entrepeneurs, inventors, policy makers and simple curious.
Santa Chiara Fab Lab offers a creative context for developing new ideas and promoting digital skills and knowledge, with a strong vocation to the development of a multidisciplinary culture.


The Fab Lab training includes a wide range of activities aimed at promoting employability and professional retraining, stimulating mutidisciplinarity, offering project implementation assistance and technology transfer to small and medium-sized enterprises.
– Fab Lab Tour: for all
– 3D modellling with SolidWorks
– 3D scanning
– 3D printing
– Build your 3D printer
– Arduino: introductory course
– Laser cutting
– Vinyl cutting
– Workshop “From idea to product”

Fab Academy

Fab Academy is the World Academy of Digital Manufacturing, a training program launched and directed by professor Neil Gershenfeld of Center for Bits and Atoms, MIT. This project, originated in the United States in 1998 with the first course of prof. Gershenfeld entitled “How to build almost anything”, has exploded in recent years with increasing interest, and Fab Academy has spread to Fab Labs around the world. Santa Chiara Fab Lab delivers Fab Academy. The course takes place at the same worldwide with other Fab Labs, through a digital platform that connects around 100 laboratories around the world 24 hours a day. Students are supervised by local instructors over a 6 months period, during which they learn the basics of design, from concept design to product development. The course focuses on the acquisition of digital skills such as the basics of 3D printing and 3D modeling, electronics and programming, the use of CNC machinesand various manufacturing methonds with a wide variety of materials, from plastic to wood, from glass to resin and fabrics. It also includes modules of project management, intellectual property management and digital communication. Fab Academy is poen to everyone, without age limits. No entry requirements are required. Training is provided in English.